Legal and Non-Taxable Rebates

The Realtor®, Realtor’s® Use!*

Real Estate Brokers can offer discounts to buyers!

·       The commission is usually paid by the seller.

·       It is the Brokers decision as to keep it or give the buyer credit

·       Many brokers spend it with referral companies.

·       Other brokers spend it on advertising

·       ABC gives 1% of the price used to determine commission

·       ABC must be paid a 2.8% commission or higher

·       ABC will represent the buyer as Buyers Broker giving full service

·       ABC would rather give it to the buyer, who is really paying the commission

·       ABC is sure to comply with all laws and regulations.

Rebates in cash maybe illegal, they constitute fraud if there is a loan.

If there is a new loan used to buy the real estate:

·       Rebates must be in the contract to purchase.

·       Rebates must be on the Settlement Sheet (HUD-1).

·       Rebates make your home cost less!

·       “Full Disclosure” is what makes rebates legal.

·       Your mortgage originator must be advised of the rebate.

·       To be non-taxable they must apply to the purchase price of the real estate. This does not include personal property such as washers, dryers, drapes, etc.

·       Rebates are possible by using cost savings, high tech and high volume.

·       Affordable Brokerage Company has been successfully offering rebates since 1996.

·       Most other discount real estate brokers fail.

·       They discount service at the same time they discount commissions.


Military Buyers

·       Receive the 1% rebate that is standard with ABC Realty.

·       After closing they will receive a $500 gift certificate to Lowe’s.

    • USAA gives up to a $2500 gift certificate only.
    • ABC Realty rebates the 1%, plus a $500 gift card!
  • To any active duty, honorably retired or disabled military person!

·       *Realtors® have used ABC many times.  Sometimes their broker would not give them a discount when they sold their house and they transferred the home to someone else who sold using ABC.  Other times the Realtors® client needed more equity to enable them to buy, their agent allowed them to sell using ABC's program.  ABC handled the sale and the other Realtor handled the purchase of their new home.

Prices Subject to Change without Notice (rev 1/30/14)


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