SELLERS SAVINGS is dedicated to saving your money when you’re selling your home in Colorado Springs, CO. When you choose us to list your home, we discount our commission to get you the best return on your investment and give you the room you need to make deals during negotiation. Contact us today and learn more about how we work for you. 

Below is an example of savings in two different markets:

Colorado Springs Savings
$400,000 priced home, 
Traditional 6% commission =    $24,000
ABC $1900 fee + 3% co-op = $1900 + $12,000 =  $13,900
Total Savings $10,100

Denver Metro Savings
$400,000 priced home
Traditional 6% commission = $24,000
ABC $2400 fee + 2.8% co-op ($11,200) =  $13,600
Total Savings $10,400
(Denver listing brokers @ 6%, keep 3.2% not 3%)

see article in Savings & Misc why you should pay a co-op commission.

ABC's fees are based on 2016 single family detached median prices in the MLS.  Colorado Springs median price was $269,900,  Denver median price was $390,000.  Denver is 45% more expensive.

Don Stark
Don Stark
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