How we Discount

We are innovators

  • We applied the high tech opportunities
  • We applied a virtual office concept
  • We rely on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) for advertising
  • The MLS info is bought by other real estate web sites
  • We used to spend $25k to $30k a month in advertising before
  • We saw the ability to save the seller money and increase their equity
  • We know why most Realtors waste money
  • We involve the seller as partners, they take care of the house.
  • We have saved sellers over $2.7 Million with this program

Why do we do it?

  • We believe in the USA
  • We believe we have a better product
  • We believe in the family
  • We believe a home is the foundation of the family
  • We believe a home helps a family be successful and secure
  • We believe lower commissions enable a family to move easier
Don Stark
Don Stark
Broker and Owner
4730 Shady Lane Colorado Springs CO 80908