We help our clients by ensuring every one of them is saving money when they’re buying or selling a home in Colorado Springs. We did this by reducing our commissions.
How did we decided to discount commissions?
  • 6% Commissions are a Tradition, not set in stone
  • Traditions change!
  • Buyers broker wants to have access to ALL property, they do not care how much the listing side receives
  • Clients designed program by asking me if there was some way to save money, THEY CREATED THIS PROGRAM!
How I changed my way of operating a real estate company
  • We used to drive neighborhoods, now use the internet
  • We used to hand deliver contracts, now eContracts
  • We used to make any trips to home, now just a few
  • We used to get weekly updates, now instant, saving time
  • We used to spend thousands on advertising, now we use internet
How I reduced expenses
  • Virtual office, means no rent
  • High tech reduces staff
  • Special support system (showings, etc) means no staff 
  • Using 100% effective advertising save $25,000 a month 

Don Stark
Don Stark
Broker and Owner
4730 Shady Lane Colorado Springs CO 80908