Before you put the home on the market, here is what to do: Start addressing the 4 "C's", 

  • Condition, paint, repair, fix, paint over deep colors, fix everything, repair anything broken.
  • Clutter, take a lot to Goodwill, throw a lot away and rent a storage locker.  Make the house, garage and basement look spacious.
  • Cleanliness, eat off the floor clean and keep it that way 
  • Competition, You are at the mercy of what the competition is, YOUR PRICE WILL BE DETERMINE BY THE MARKET, NOT YOU.
Your home has to be in top condition (for top dollar), feel spacious with lots of storage (declutter to the charities or storage unit, not your garage, basement or shed), eat off floor clean and priced to sell.  

Things not done will just reduces the attractiveness to the buyer.  The buyer wants to fall in love with your home, help them! 

  • Start interviewing Realtor's®  Have them provide lists of what needs to be done.Compare their list to yours.  They want your business and are willing to provide this information.  If not, I would pass on them. 
  • Pay attention to your neighborhood, track recent sales as to price and time it took to sell.
  • How many homes are available, how many have sold?
  • Notice condition of homes and see who sells and who doesn't.
  • If developer is still building, check out what they are offering
  • See how model homes are staged in new construction
  • Start visualizing what you have to use in your staging
  • Start talking to everyone you know, 
  • Most of them know your home and may know of someone looking
  • The average person runs into at least 3 homes buyers a year 
  • Make sure you know what you are supposed to do to help sell the home.  This is an area where you will learn about your broker.  They should be thorough but compassionate, supportive but firm
  • List with a broker you trust, one that has empathy for you and your situation, BUT ALSO ONE WHO KNOWS THE BUSINESS.  THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO CHOOSE A BRAND NEW AGENT. Sorry, but new agents maybe desperate to succeed and many brokers do not train new agents.
  • Have feature signs, see under "Savings"
  • The  early buyers are probably your best buyers
  • They have been looking and haven't found what they want
  • Leave when showing and take pets with you
  • Soft music, elevator variety, sets the tone
  • Lights on and don't ask agent to turn off, agents should spend that time with the buyers, helping them fall in love with your home. You don't want the agent having to run ahead turning lights back on if the buyer shows interest.
  • If you insist on no shoes, provide shoe covers and a place to sit down to put on the covers
  • Don't be disappointed with the offer, someone likes your home.  Don't get mad or hurt. Let's think of a way to make this work.  Listen to your broker, if you have chosen well they will guide you to the best solution.  I have seen 4 or 5 counter offers, some that get down to the most minute items but the seller and buyer both ended up happy

Don Stark
Don Stark
Broker and Owner
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