FEATURE SIGNS, how to display your home best!





  • You know your home better than anyone
  • It is difficult for anyone to present a home
  • The home buying decision is emotional, feature signs display value in a relaxed manner
  • The buyer may feel pressure if someone points out features
  • The buyer likes to discover things on their own and in their own time


  • Insure your good features are presented
  • Does not interfere with the buyers process of enjoying the house
  • Buyers can relax and notice what they want
  • Buyers form attachments to home when they are relaxed
  • Feature Signs provide information is a relaxed manner


  • Use a bright or theme paper
  • Theme will be noticed and help buyers recognize other signs
  • Can be done on a computer or with neat handwriting.
    • You can use color or different Fonts
    • You can create the theme by using borders, theme paper or bright paper
  • Use a small picture of the house or some other consistent logo as a label
  • One mother used her child’s teddy bears to hold the signs
  • Start at the front door, the sign should read: “We have prepared the home for your viewing pleasure, these “Feature Signs” are throughout the house for you convenience
  • Go through the house and list the things you have enjoyed
  • List Upgrades, improvements, new paint, new carpet, etc.
  • Warning signs or access information (shed, etc)
  • If you have debated on new carpet or some other improvement
    • Use Feature Sign to say New Carpet, choose your color!
    • Get bids and samples
    • Place on counter together (see tent sign below)
  • List hidden items, 5 zone auto sprinkler, Pella Windows
  • List extras, Hot tub included, Hot tub only 18 months old
  •  Attach to hard surfaces, glass, mirrors etc.
  • 3M makes a product that they say is safe on paint (Scotch Wall Mounting Tabs)
  • Make a tent card and fold in middle so sits on flat surface
    • It will say the same on both sides
    • Copy and paste, using rotate or reverse
  • They can be hand printed, just make them legible
  • Use as few words as possible, don't be wordy!
  • Place as close to the feature as possible
  • Use small arrows to point to feature


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